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Client was absolutely ecstatic about them. I am still yet to seem them in the 'flesh' shall we say. But yes the client was overwhelmed with the quality. Thank you so much for your great service. I will surely use you guys again, as I have done in the past with all the ROJO jobs. I have another job in the near future too so you will be hearing from me very soon. Once again Thank you, Jody Poulter (ROJO)


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Professional Coil Binding, Spiral Binding and Book Binding Services

We specialise in digital printing which means we can rapidly produce you batches of booklets and books in any quantity. Print as many as you need without expensive set up costs and without needing high volumes to make the costs viable for you. We have invested in the latest industrial punching and binding machines so we can achieve the perfect finish for your products.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3…

business printing
leaflets & flyers

Design and publish your own books and booklets quickly, easily and cheaply

We can cater for rushed jobs, and offer discounts for recurring/regular orders.

Standard finished off the shelf – coil bound, perfect bound and saddle stitched – call us for more


If your company regularly uses booklets, training manuals or presentation handouts give us a call for the latest pricing and to find out about our discount policy for regular print jobs. We can print runs of any quantity in booklet sizes from A6 – A3 in stunning full colour on the highest quality papers we can find.

Which finish should I choose?

Coil Binding – short or long edge coil is used to bind the punched pages – ideal for Handouts, Training Manuals and Booklets especially on heavier paper. This method of binding is very popular because the booklets can be folded back on themselves without damage to the pages. Books can also be sent easily through the post as the coils are crushable.
Perfect Binding – pages are glued to a flat spine – perfect for books and publications
Saddle Stitching – stapled in the middle like a magazine, great for all smaller publications of less than 100 pages.
Calendar Binding - Professional metal binds with hangers.


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